I’ve Joined the Real World

Hey there fine citizen!

Just an update on my employment situation – I am now gainfully employed on a full-time basis. This means that for now I will be unavailable for hire in the foreseeable future. Please feel free to keep me bookmarked and in your Rolodex for future reference.

Sad Face

It’s a sad for anyone wanting to hire me as is demonstrated with a sad face, with my dear friend Shelley Segal.
To hear Shelley’s awesome voice go to https://www.facebook.com/shelley.segal

You’ve now entered the ABzand Zone…

Wall of toilets...

My wife Angel and her friend Sammi thought it was funny to take me to see this monument to the humble porcelain bus, after Angel and I had an argument about me running back to the hotel to use the in-room facilities instead of squatting at the local KFC in Foshan, Guandong, China.


Well hello, I didn’t see you come in!

My name is Adrian, and in the coming weeks and months and other arbitrary time measurements beyond I will be updating this page, and will fill it with all kinds of goodies covering the diverse topics of marketing, AFL and travel. Please come back soon and don’t forget to subscribe!

Many happy returns,